“best indie rock band”
-metroland staff. “best of music 2013″ metroland 24 july 2013 [article]

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VESSELS is an upbeat musical journey that you won’t want to end… 4 out of 5 stars” - jessica allard morishita, confront magazine [full review]

"the album [VESSELS] is basically indie rock, but there are some influences from electrorock, guitar-driven pop and acoustic music." - discover indie/alternative music [full post]

“it [VESSELS] is the soundtrack to your swirling headspace, and maybe all of your twenties.” [8.0/10.0] -eric durnford, the press release [full review]

"STELLAR YOUNG sound quite like a more upbeat kodaline: the vocals are just as expressive but the instrumental is a bit more energetic." - becky malone, questfeed [full post]

"the album [VESSELS] is beautifully executed, with a powerhouse presence and an undoubtable quality to it." - liv simister, planet stereo [full article]

"even though their palette is brimming with gracious tones, they won’t flaunt it at you as a fan, made of peacock feathers…" rasto, alternator [full article]

“…when i first listened to ‘nomad’ on spotify, i was expecting it to have at least 50,000 listens – turns out it only had a modest 1,000. how such a good band can have such low recognition amazes me!” -hollie griss, altmusicbox [full review]

"at the beginning of february we entered a contest on X105 las vegas called the beatdown. basically it puts 2 songs up against one another and winner goes on to the next round. if you win 10 rounds in a row you make it to the hall of fame. our single “nomad” went up against some damn good songs (mark ronson & kevin parker, until the ribbon breaks, fall out boy, peking duk, big data, molehill, incubus, matt & kim, in the valley below, and rubberneck lions) but because of your support, we went on to win all 10 rounds!" [full list]

EVERYTHING AT ONCE was self-produced in the band’s albany, ny apartment by bassist dave parker, however drum tracking and post-production all took place at applehead studios in woodstock, ny”
-brian kraus, alternative press [post]

“upstate new york quintet, stellar young, is raising eyebrows across the empire state thanks to their accessible, yet complex take on alternative rock.”
-michael meeze, property of zack [interview]

“…the smooth combination of the band’s technical, catch-driven post-pop-punk (is that even a genre?) and the album’s slick production values make EVERYTHING AT ONCE simply too hard to put down after just one sitting.”
-arkarsenal, bandcamp’s best [review]

“overall, VESSELS, is simply an album very well done. stellar young is no longer some underdog and they definitely don’t fit into the profile of local band anymore. It’s quite the surprise.” – zach hitt, upstatelive [review]

“the group recently released their first full-length record, EVERYTHING AT ONCE, independently in december of 2012, and it is a stunning tapestry of styles, moods and influences that will hold you hostage from the moment you hit play.” [9/10]
-shane hunt, ampkicker [review]

“[EVERYTHING AT ONCE] never do these melodies fall below intricate, yet they remain highly enjoyable and addictive, indicative of natural songwriting talent. perhaps this is the most endearing facet of stellar young.” [9.0/10.0]
-steve alcala, mind equals blown [review]

“if albany will not recognize stellar young once more, there’s a good chance the independent music awards or aim independent music awards (association of independent music) certainly will. it’s only a matter of time.” EVERYTHING AT ONCE [78/100]
-jenna cameron, inyourspeakers [review]

EVERYTHING AT ONCE by STELLAR YOUNG ties together refreshing creativity with subtly innovative musicianship. combining indie, rock, blues and jam band influences, it’s clear that stellar young writes music solely because it’s what they love to do.” [8.5/10]
-anthony galasso, under the gun review [review]

“#1 local indie rock band”
-the staff. “readers’ poll: arts” metroland 13 mar. 2013 [article]

“the hallmarks of these bands—earnest lyrics, emotive vocals, catchy hooks and propulsive drumming—are present on EVERYTHING AT ONCE, but there’s something else, a certain chord-coloring or riffing sensibility that places the band outside this genre, often evasively dubbed post-hardcore.”
-potter, josh. “everything in its right place” metroland 31 jan. 2013  [full interview]

“the album [VESSELS] is beautifully executed, with a powerhouse presence and an undoubtable quality to it.” – liv simister, planet stereo [full article]

“the entire album [EVERYTHING AT ONCE] is that which i expected and then some. each track is worthy of numerous listens, and i assure you, there will be just that.”
-liv simister, infectious magazine [review]

“despite the proliferation of diy music production tools, it is still very rare to hear an unsigned band put out a “professional” sounding album… EVERYTHING AT ONCE sounds great. they clearly cared enough about the resulting album to get shit done right.”
-joe kelly, team reasonable [review]

“fun fact for you; they’re what you would call a “do-it-yourself” band- not only did they complete this record [EVERYTHING AT ONCE] entirely on their own, but they raised funds through kickstarter for a mini shuttle bus, and released/recorded their previous album MADISON. these guys are passionate about music, and dedicated to doing all the hard work to see some results.”
-melissa payette, confront magazine [review]

“often a clean, catchy rock sound is bland or lacks depth, certainly no the case with STELLAR YOUNG. they are genuine guys with great attitudes. you can really tell that these guys love what they’re doing.”
-alison jackson, litmusicgirl [full interview]

“what STELLAR YOUNG have produced [EVERYTHING AT ONCE] is a great, catchy, indie sounding album that could easily be enjoyed by everyone.” [3.5/5]
-aaron wilson, already heard [review]

“what’s more impressive about this pop-rock outfit is that they self-produced this effort, with mixing and mastering handled by chris bittner and michael birnbaum (straylight run, coheed and cambria, more)”
-grizzly, weworemasks [review]

“their knack for packing variety into a song–slick tempo changes, expansive bridges, riffs and beats that hate repetitiveness with a passion–without losing track of the driving melody has made them a favorite here at soundparlor.”
-will, soundparlor [interview]

“evolved in college dorm rooms and at open mic nights, the band formerly known as THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS now goes by STELLAR YOUNG, an alternative pop act based in albany, new york that rocks out a nuanced and wholly original sound.”
-david, soundparlor [review]

“…STELLAR YOUNG… are a group of passioinate musicians brining in melodic catchy rock tunes in the vein of strata and the more rockish side of as cities burn.”
-idioteq [interview]

“this 5 piece band (curt mulick, kyle hatch, dave parker, john glenn, and erik flora) is working hard to get STELLAR YOUNG into your earbuds by offering their album, EVERYTHING AT ONCE, as a “pay your own price” on their bandcamp site.”
-bob crabtree, digital earbuds [post]

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