in the sooner state 
searching for a name 
hurting to find a way 
through the storm 

show me all you got 
miss electric heart 
take me inside your home 
in the south 

cope the way she knows 
heats her as it goes 
dress all your marks in clothes 
no one knows 

i can't find you now 
i can't get you out 
and what you sent to me 
there's no more 

say goodbye to the red lights 
we don't need you anymore 
leaving the world and 
that skin you wore 

say goodbye to the feeling 
that your feet rest on the floor 
because all that will hold you 
you'll just ignore 

while i'm here please use me well 
my beating heart 
my every cell 
all in the skyline 
and leaving farewells 
i've said it once 
oh you're better off 
oh you're better off